Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spring 2014 DIY Inspiration - Part I, Street Style

When it comes to inspiration flow, fashion week beats Christmas, Easter, and the Queen's birthday for DIY-crazed yours truly. Some of my current pressing influencers include:


Probably the most significant of fashion week street style trends in volume and variation this year has been fur, but not in its traditional natural hues. Dyed fuzziness was all over the streets of NY, Paris, and Milan, in creative applications and all colors of the rainbow.

For those like me who don't feel like committing to a full coat (winter's basically over anyway *knocks on wood*), a smaller furry accessory like a scarf or a clutch can be a perfect transitional piece, and so easy to make (not forgetting the Fendi Bag Bugs either). My local fabric store will soon see me scouring the faux-fur aisle for materials for a fuzzy version of the feather boa to pair with my trusty leather biker.


A returning trend has rarely had me as in love as the comeback of the epitome of femininity - the midi skirt (my obsession with this Stella Jean piece is bordering manic). The midi was all over the Spring 2014 runways, and recent Fall collections were updated with a slightly extended length, a.k.a. the tea skirt. My favorite combo is without a doubt a soft skirt paired with a relaxed sweater/sporty crop top. The the full skirt is also the perfect canvas for displaying a pattern with maximum impact, and possibly one of the easiest garments to make from scratch. I have a couple DIY circle skirts + a vintage lace petticoat lined up for warmer days and more to come as soon as worthy fabrics come along (more on that then..).

Le 21emeTibi G+, Vogue


Some may be luckier, but let's face it, in my part of the hemisphere, spring is off to a slow start. Scissors and boredom with an old winter coat can lead to wonderful things - Case(s) in point: long side-slit spring vest (worn with a leather biker underneath on colder days) or double-function sleeves.


Last but not least, 2014 seems to be the year of bringing back the presumably ugly, but with a girly/sport chic twist. Socks and sandals have made their way off the black list and onto the streets along with other 90's gems like the overalls, backpacks, and slip dresses. The sock+heel combo comes with a whole new spectrum of opportunity, my favorites being sheer/patterned nylons and slightly thicker knits wrinkled carelessly at the ankle. Nothing is forbidden (not even sports socks, though I must admit pairing them with Birks is where I draw my personal line), and for breaking in new shoes, this is the best news since Dita Von Teese's lingerie guide.

The second part of objects of desire to follow.




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