Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Wardrobe Staples: DIY V-Neck Strap Top

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In my project of wardrobe-purifying, I discovered I was missing a basic nude strap top. These are very easy to make, here's how.


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Fabric (about 1 m will be plenty)  ǀ  Pins  ǀ  Scissors  ǀ  Tube ribbon (1 m)  ǀ  Sewing machine or needle & thread if you are superhumanly patient

I. Using an existing top as guidance or just free-drawing based on measurements taken from a top your size, mark and cut the front and back pieces of your top, with a 1-2 cm seam allowance. I used a soft microfiber fabric that does not fray (mainly out of laziness..) and left the back piece v-shape a bit deeper than the front:
 photo 1-cutpieces_zps2cba1120.jpg
II. Place the cut front piece on remaining fabric and use it to outline the piece that will become the lining you'll use to sew the neckline. If you are smarter than me, and have enough fabric to begin with, you'll be able to make this lining in a single piece, instead of 2 for each side as I did. If your fabric is very light, you can make the lining piece longer so your finished product will have a lining for the entire bust-area. (Note that if your fabric frays, this is the time to zig-zag stitch the edges of each piece of fabric.)
 photo A-draw_zps61599c3b.jpg
III. Repeat for the back of your top, and cut the pieces out. Also cut a slit at the bottom of the V in both the back and front pieces allow for the fabric to flow nicely.
 photo B-cut_zps0772c75f.jpg
IV. Now place the lining and the front piece against each other, right sides facing each other. Pin edges and sew using a straight stitch on your marked line. Repeat for the back piece and its lining.
 photo C-pinlining_zps5cd98247.jpgV. Cut the excess fabric to avoid seam bulging. Cut the stitch at the four points of the triangles where your straps will go. Turn the front and back pieces inside out and iron the seams flat. (At this point you can also add darts, go here for a great tutorial). Make a martini cause your sewing machine breaks down and you must do the rest of the project with daylight long gone.
 photo D-prepareliningandflip_zps29f8fcf8.jpg
VI. Careful about not spilling the martini all over your project (...), place the front and back pieces against each other, right sides facing. Pin the edges and sew a straight stitch along your marked line. (Assuming it is still there after a martini bath). At this point it is a good idea to try the top on, and measure the exact length of your straps, marking the ribbon at that length for two pieces. Then turn the lining part over so you have easy access to attaching the straps. (Tweezers are a good tool to pull the ribbon through the small hole you made earlier in the stitch.) Hand-sew the ribbon, turn back right-side facing out, and use closed scissors to gently push the corner open around the strap. Repeat for the other strap.
 photo E-addstrap_zps58d509a4.jpg
VII. Hem the top. At this part of my project the Northern darkness had swallowed the apartment, so no evidence was preserved. All I can say is I 100% recommend hand-stitching hems, always, as the result will be much prettier than when machine-sewing.

VIII. You're done! Iron the top based on your fabric's requirements, and add to your go-to staples. 

 photo 10-ready_zps0e7c8f07.jpg xo,



  1. Hi! I love this tutorial, I'm trying to use all my old college shirts to make new clothes! Quick question, what kind of stitch do you use to hem the cami? I noticed you mention that you hand-stitch, which works perfectly for me since I don't own a sewing machine. Thank you!

    1. Hi there! Glad you liked it! yes I like to handstitch/blindstitch hems no avoid the visible seam - If you check my 'techniques' highlight on my instagram @contour_affair, you'll find a video showing how it's done:)

    2. Thank you so much! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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