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Spring/Summer 2014 Trends: Burberry-Inspired Lace Skirt

 photo ready4_zps395119c3.jpg
I listed some of my favourite fashion inspiration from Spring/Summer 2014 catwalks a couple moths ago. Since then the Burberry Prorsum lace skirts have steadily been growing into an obsession in my mind. Finding the perfect lace is surprisingly difficult though, but after a couple of hours and 3 fabric stores I finally settled for this one.

 photo 0Tools_zps4678dda6.jpg
Jersey for the lining (I used 1.3 m)  |  Lace with some stretch to it an preferably a pretty edge (used 1 m)  |  Invisible zipper in matching color  |  Scissors  |  Pins  |  Sewing machine & Thread  |  Measurement tape  

I. Measure the desired length of the skirt, cut two identical pieces with width calculated at approx. your hip circumference at widest point divided by two, plus 6cm for seam allowances. Cut the other piece in half in terms of width (this will be the back piece and will need a zipper in the middle).
 photo 1measure_zps3d498a27.jpg
 photo 2cutfrontandbackpieces_zpsd5184fa5.jpg
 photo 3cutpieces_zpsbc52533c.jpg
II. Fold the two identical pieces in half in the middle, and pin to prepare for sewing darts. Do the same for the front piece; fold over as shown below at 1/4 of the width, creating folds to sew 2 darts at identical distance from the middle.
 photo 4pindarts_zpsd11d9ad1.jpg  photo 5allpinneddarts_zpsf3cc43e7.jpg
III. Sew the darts using a straight stitch. I did about 15 cm long darts, starting with the stitch at about 1.5 cm from the edge of the fold and gradually meeting the fold at the end of the dart.
 photo 6sewndarts_zps544e56ed.jpg
IV. Pin the sides of the front and back pieces together and sew a straight stitch all the way down.
 photo 7pinsides_zps958c626a.jpg
V. Prepare to make your waistband. Depending on how much lace you have left, either take one piece of approx. 6cm in width and your waist circumference +4 cm in lenght and iron folding in half. Or take two pieces, pin together right sides facing, and sew along the long edge. Fold the seam inside and press with iron.
 photo 8cutwaistband_zps5e18eef5.jpg  photo 9sewwaistband_zps08795dd0.jpg  photo 10ironwaistband_zpsb6a345a0.jpg VI. Pin the waistband onto the skirt and sew using a straight stitch. Cut off excess seam allowance.
 photo 11pinwaistband_zpsa70ffead.jpg  photo 12cutexcesswaistbandaftersewing_zps7a056200.jpg VII. Attach the invisible zipper. There are plenty of amazing tutorials on sewing invisible zippers, like this one. Key is to iron the zipper first.  photo 13pinnedzipper_zps42bbdb34.jpg  photo 13pinzipper_zpsec6e9d00.jpg  photo 15cutexcesszipper_zps890c511f.jpg  photo 16pinbackseam_zps731e29e8.jpg VIII. Pin the back seam together, and leave an approx. 15cm slit, folding an about 1 cm seam on both sides of the slit. Sew the seams using a straight stitch.  photo 17pinbackslit_zps1ea597a9.jpg  photo 18sewnotherslitsidepinnedother_zps7e1cd242.jpg  photo 19sewnslit_zpsadf6e9b5.jpg IX. Finish off the zipper folding the ends and sewing flat.  photo 20sewzipperends_zpsd50832ef.jpg
X. To make the lining, fold the jersey at a width that's about half of your hip circumference at its widest point. Jersey stretches so no need to leave a lot of allowance. Sew using a stretch stitch. Depending on your curves, you can adjust the form a bit to fit well and to avoid excess fabric and wrinkles.
 photo 21pinlining_zpsea851b91.jpg  photo 22sewlining_zpsce17c7a1.jpg XI. I specifically didn't attach the lining to the lace permanently, to be able to wear the skirt with no lining with high-waisted underwear only, Burberry-style
 photo ready1_zpsa4ab134b.jpg  photo ready3_zpsed6a41d3.jpg
Skirt - Selfmade
Shirt - Topshop
Shoes - Zara



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