Sunday, 26 July 2015

Making: 2-Piece 60's Style Dress [+Hacking a Well-Fitting Bustier]

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I needed a dress for a wedding in Amman this week, and it had to fulfil a couple of criteria: usability in everyday life, not only black tie events, and a firm fit that can handle a proper Jordanian dance party. I went for a sixties style full skirt and a matching bustier - the skirt I'll be able to wear individually with a more casual top in the future, and the lacing at the back of the top kept it nice and tight all night. This Dior beauty was my starting inspiration.


  • I used a chiffon-type lightweight fabric for the upper layer (total 4 m), and a linen for the lining (2 m)
  • For added fullness, I made the lining into a half-circle skirt, but for the top layer I cut one and a half circles, gathering the extra half at the waist
  • I kept the lining about 20 cm shorter to give the finished skirt some lightness


  • To save myself the headache of installing corset bones from scratch, I took a thrifted bustier dress, chopped it at the waist, removed the zipper, and instead added small hoops for the lacing to both sides at the back
  • I took the remaining skirt fabric and overlaid it on top of the bustier, making some folds where I felt like it, and sewing the chiffon directly onto the top. This is an awesome, easy way to create a clean-looking bustier that fits like a dream - the lacing at the back makes sure you can adjust the size exactly to how much you plan on dancing (or eating..)
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