Thursday, 18 September 2014

Before & After: Culottes from Slacks (+My Go-To Hemming Technique)

 photo ready4_zps3ee1a6fc.jpg
When I decide I want something, I usually want it immediately (even if I don't know what it is. My boyfriend is often the victim of this tendency). Right now this applies particularly strongly to culottes *must refrain from chopping the ankles off all my pants right before fall starts*. Inspiration for outfits around this midi-skirt-equivalent of trousers has seemed to surround me lately (here, here, and here to start with). Such a great transitional piece. With my from-scratch-project taking a bit longer than anticipated, I needed something quick to get me through this insupportable culotte-free time.

[This hemming technique is pretty much what I use to finish off all hems, pant legs, and sleeves that I don't want having a visible seam.]

All you need is a pair of nicely fitting slacks, with a slightly wide leg (skinny ones will just end up looking like regular cropped pants), scissors, iron, needle &  thread. I used a pair of DKNY slacks with a belt (currently obsessed with built-in belts in bottoms. More to come soon). Start with wearing the pants and and deciding how much ankle you want to show. Mark the point with a pin. photo before_zpsd98310b0.jpg I.  Lay the leg flat and mark the pinned spot with fabric marker. Draw two lines; one for the desired length, and one 5 cm lower, where you'll cut.
 photo 1mark_zps5843b3ed.jpg  photo 2mark2lines_zps708bc77e.jpg II. Cut along the lower line and make the fold at the upper line, pressing with iron.
 photo 3ironandzigzag_zps6ce41f27.jpg III. Start sewing. This is how I sew all my hemlines to create an unnoticeable stitch; only grab one or two threads with the needle. Make sure your thread is not too thick, this will make the stitch more visible. Every stitch you make, loop the thread over the needle, creating a small knot as shown below in the second image. photo 4startsewing_zps1d5589c8.jpg  photo 5sewing_zps5ad05097.jpg
This is what the result will look like on the right side The marks will fade when you press with an iron, with generous steam.

 photo 6ready_zps85b46758.jpg
[Almost] instant culottes, delivered!
 photo ready5_zps8341df75.jpg  photo ready3_zps45160483.jpg  photo ready_zps2717fa5b.jpg  photo ready6_zps9f65d0eb.jpg
Cut & cropped DKNY slacks, Uniqlo shirt, Sandro biker, Zara heels, vintage sunnies




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