Thursday 10 April 2014

Wardrobe Staples: DIY Multi-Strap Top

photo readyfront_zpsce09fb9e.jpg
I've had a crush on all things caged/strapped since last summer.. While I wait for crop top weather, I made this all-round version. Adding extra straps makes a huge difference and a basic piece like this so much more interesting, but at the same time super versatile to wear!

I won't go over the steps to make a basic strap top here - I used the same method as in this post.

photo tools_zpscb2c6805.jpg
Fabric (about 1.5 m if you're making a full lining, 1 m if a shorter one)  ǀ  Pins  ǀ  Scissors  ǀ  Fabric marker  ǀ  Tube ribbon (for 4 straps I used 2.3 m)  ǀ  Scissors  ǀ  Measuring tape  ǀ  Sewing machine or needle & thread  ǀ  Tweezers to make life easier

NOTE: I made the following modifications to these steps with this variation:
  • Instead of making the front and back pieces identical in shape, I made the back piece straight at the top
  • When at step V, instead of cutting the stitch only at the tips of the triangles, also make a small hole at the bottom of the V in the front neckline, and 2 extra holes on the back piece, at identical distances from where the regular shoulder straps will be (you can wear an existing top to measure where you'd like the straps to attach at the back - marked spots in image below
photo 1markspots_zps6dbad410.jpg
I. Once you have the basic top ready, all you need to do is attach the extra straps. Wear the top at this point to measure the length of the straps (mine were about 63 cm each), remembering to hold the measurement tape slanted since the strap will need to form a V in the front (these straps will hence be a bit longer than the regular straight straps). Cut two identical pieces from the ribbon based on your measurement. Using tweezers, pull the straps through the hole you made at the bottom of the V.
photo 0basictopdone_zps278187d2.jpg
II. Turn the top inside out holding on to the straps so they don't escape back through the hole. Pin the straps in place so they don't move and end up crooked when you sew through the break in the stitch to form the bottom of the V in the neckline.
photo 4strapsmiddlepulled_zps2f73c8e1.jpg photo 5pinandsewmidstraps_zpsefe171c5.jpg
III. Repeat for the other end of the straps in the back, pulling through the 2 holes you made in step I, turning the top inside out, and sewing the lining and the back piece back together, trapping the straps in between.

IV. All done! I am still considering adding even more straps and maybe forming a T-shape in the back by attaching the two middle straps together, but I might also take my strapping mania out on a bikini top in the near future, One Teaspoon style.




  1. Why isn't there any comment, that's literally genious i'm definitely gonna try this.

  2. I am going to try it !

  3. This is so cute! Do you still have the blog post about the original top? The link doesn't seem to be working

    1. Oh man this is some mega old content:D I'm not even sure which post I've originally linked to, but the logic is the same as used with this top

    2. Thanks a lot for your reply! I'll definitely have a look at your link


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