Sunday 25 December 2016

How To: Simple Wrap Blouse with Gathered Cuffs

photo DIYWrapBlouse3.jpg
Really into mustard these days. I had 5 meters of this fabric and started making a dress, but at some point had a meltdown, cut it all up, sat among the ruins for a while, and decided something needed to rise from the ashes. 

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photo 0 Tools_zps4beejwal.jpg
Fabric (I used a silk crepe, cotton or linen would work too or even a knit), 1.5-2 m  |  Scissors  |  Thread & Sewing machine  |  Pins  |  Fabric marker  | Not in image but elastic to go around your wrist twice

I. My cut pieces to start with (I'm a US4/EU36).
photo 1 Cut pieces_zpstlpuhzz3.jpg
II. Started with shoulder seams, here's more detail on the steps.
photo 2 Shoulders.jpg
III. Then cut out my sleeves. I wanted loose boho-ish sleeves, with just a bit of gathering at the wrists, hence the weird shape.
photo 3 Cut sleeves_zpsssu6ebbf.jpg
IV. To make things easier, I first folded guides on the cuffs (fold on the right side). First 1 cm:
photo 4 Press fold_zpskxhtqrtc.jpg
.. And then the cuff in half.
photo 5 Press fold again_zpszbumrw0i.jpg
V. I then attached the sleeves to the top (see any of my top tutorials for how). When sewing the underseam, I stopped where the more narrow part for the cuff starts, and notched the seam allowance.
photo 6 Underseam and notch_zpsrt5tjsg7.jpg
.. Then reversed the seam at the notch, so the seam allowance for the cuff was on the right side.
photo 7 Underseam done_zpsynr6vpc9.jpg
The folds I had pressed made it easier to fold the cuff onto the right side, and add two stitches around. (Remembering to leave a gap in the stitch on the left to insert the elastic). Ignore the crooked stitches...
photo 8 Two seams_zpsivpaqt63.jpg
VI. Next inserted my elastic (measured to a comfortable tightness around my wrist), attached the ends, and closed the gap in the stitch.
photo 9 Insert elastic_zpsd8dhcqrr.jpg
Cuff done!
photo 10 Done sleeve_zpsastkjcnx.jpg
VII. To finish, I first did the side seams. Then pressed a double fold along the diagonal front edges, all around the back of the neck and secured that with a straight stitch. Next I overlapped the front pieces and zig-zagged them at the hem to attach and make it easier to work with. Finished the hem with a double fold.
photo 12 Done_zpsqf6ay5rn.jpg
.. A closer look at the double-fold:
photo 13 Seams_zpsltunozco.jpg
.. And finally, added some darts after trying on and determining how fitted I wanted the blouse to be at the waist. Did just one dart/fold in the front:
photo 11 Darts_zpshrrdszlh.jpg
.. And two at the back.
photo 14 Back darts.jpg
photo DIYWrapBlouse2.jpg photo DIYWrapBlouse4_zpsdvzlf2gt.jpg photo DIYWrapBlouse_zpsuhr6uej5.jpg

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  1. You have great fashion taste & style. That’s a beautiful piece. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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