Wednesday 4 January 2017

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 photo DIYPomPomPillow_zpszbcoudqj.jpg
I declare 2017 the year of all kinds of trim. Pompom, tassel, ribbon, you name it, I will stick it onto my projects. There's just no way you can look at pom poms and not feel great about life.

Lighting in the below images is quite bad - this was after work around sunset - but when you got to sew you got to sew.

 photo 1 Tools_zpse0mvck6x.jpg
Linen, cotton, or other thicker, upholstery-style fabric, 0.5 m (or depending on your pillow size)  |  Scissors  |  Pom Pom trim (enough to go around the circumference of the pillow)  |  Pins  |  Thread & Sewing machine  |  Didn't make the pic but an invisible zipper slightly less long than the side of your pillow

In the above pic I had already cut the two square pieces out of my fabric. I had a medium-full pillow, about 15 cm thick, and 50 cm x 50 cm in size. I cut my squares with a 1 cm allowance in both directions (52 cm x 52 cm), which made for a nice snug pillow cover. My linen was also slightly translucent so I lined the squares with a basic white cotton, and zig-zagged the edges.

I. To start I pinned the pom pom trim along the edges of one of my squares, pom poms facing towards the center of the square. Then sewed around to attach..
 photo 2 Pin pompom_zpsirl8ieeh.jpg
.. At which point I had this.
 photo 3 Pompom added_zpskhbnlx01.jpg
II. Then proceeded to add my invisible zipper to one edge of the square..
 photo 4 Add zipper_zpsrtwij7by.jpg
.. Attaching the other side of the zipper to the other square of fabric (if you have stripes it's good to match them here).
 photo 5 Zipper added_zpsu2nhpp9z.jpg
III. Lastly just pinned the square edges together all around, pom poms inside all pointing towards the center, and sewed around along the same stitch I had sewn in step I. If you wanted the pom poms not to hang loose like in my pillow, just sew this around stitch with more seam allowance (closer to the pom poms). Be sure to continue your stitch nicely all the way up to where the zipper starts and ends.
 photo 6 Seams done_zpsqfrqjbdx.jpg
That is all! Now the only question is, how many pom pom pillows can one's apartment have before all taste is out the window? A pom pom shower curtain maybe? The opportunities are endless.
 photo DIYPomPomPillow2_zpszosntyz0.jpg photo DIYPomPomPillow3_zpspar6xgle.jpg



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