Thursday 28 September 2017

How To: Gingham Tie-Back Crop Top

When the gingham trend came along and I got a weird anti-reaction to it, and for a while I've been thinking of what to make that's not in every other closet out there. Then I remembered these amazing fitted gingham pants I had when I was 9 or so. They were lost on a family trip and I don't think I ever fully recovered, so I decided to reincarnate them. That's not what this tutorial is about though. With the leftover fabric, I made vol. 2 of this tie-back top, more structured this time.

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Cotton in gingham print (or whatever print you feel like) 0.5 m  |  Scissors  |  Pins  |  Thread & Sewing machine  |  chord/ribbon to make the spaghetti straps (colour doesn't matter, won't actually be part of the finished top)

I. Here's some indication of measurements. You need 2 each of the 3 pieces. The curved edges will create the bust shape. I'm a EU36/US4.
II. After cutting out two sets of the pieces, pin the edges together and sew.
III. Then cut out the back pieces that will tie together. You need 4 pieces in total, 2 for each side.
IV. After pressing the seams of the front pieces sewed together, you can see the bust area taking shape:
V. Then add the back pieces to the two completed front bits. Next you need to make the spaghetti straps. For a video of how to do that using a piece of cord or ribbon, see here. My straps were 53 cm long each.
VI. Next you can take one of the pieces and tie it around yourself, to see where the strap should go on the back piece. Mark the place and then pin the straps in their spots, making sure they are not twisted.
VII. Almost there! Now you just need to place the other top layer on top, right sides facing, so the straps stay in between, pin the sides, and then sew all around.. Making sure you leave a 5-10cm gap (I left it at the bottom in the front). After sewing you'll use the hole in the stitch to turn the top right side out...
.. But before doing that you'll need to clip any spots where there could be tension (I did a very small V shape at the front, so I clipped that, and also the curved sides of the back pieces).
VIII. Just a press all over, some hand-stitching to close the gap, and all done!




  1. this is so cute! i'm gonna have to make this :)

  2. Gorgeous!!! I love that it's a matching set!


  3. how would i alter this using my measurements to fit my body?

    1. You need 2 core measurements:
      1. Side seam to side seam across your midriff (where the top will end) and
      2. Armpit to armpit, over your breasts.
      Then you need to figure out the division of those measurements into 3 pieces - the center piece and 2 side pieces. For the center piece, I'd do the bottom width 60% of the total width, and at the widest bit that accommodates your bust, about 40% of the total measurement across. Then subtract that from the totals and divide by two, and you have the main measurements for the two side pieces. Hope that helps!

  4. do you have a tutorial for the pants?

  5. Hi Mel! Not for these ones I'm afraid, I sewed them in the middle of the night so there was no light to take photos:D

  6. is there a patterns for this somewhere... im not proficient enough at pattern making just to guesstimate

    1. I have included the measurements of the pieces in the images. I don't do patterns.

  7. How much did u lengthen the top section to turn it into a dress for your other tutorial?

    1. Hi there, I'm afraid I have lots of tutorials - which dress are you referring to?

  8. This is so charming! May your childhood gingham pants rest in peace­čśö


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