Wednesday 21 November 2018

Trends: Seashell Anklet

All the streetstyle blogger world went crazy this summer over seashell chokers & anklets. So now that they've had their hype, I thought I can have one. I drilled the shells first (helps with them flipping the wrong way around when worn). Can you tell I was working on this at night🙈

Handful of small seashells  |  Strong nylon thread (I used fishing line)  Needle if you find it difficult to get the thread through holes without  |  A lock + loop combo (I took from an old beaten up bracelet)  |  Not pictured but a drill with a tiny drill bit and small beads |  Jewelry pliers and snippers help in the process

I. First I drilled holes one one side of each seashell. The seashell surface is really slippery, so it can be tough to get the drill going - I put some tape first to help with that.
.. Then I had a pile of seashells with holes:
II. To start the assembly, I took the hoop part of the lock, folded my long piece of nylon thread (about 6 times as long as the desired length of the anklet to make sure not to run out) in half, and slipped the folded end through the lock hoop. Then pulled the ends of the thread through the folded end to create a knot. To add the first seashell, I wrapped the thread around one end of it.
III. The following assembly I did as follows: one thread into the shell from the top, one from the bottom, and tie a knot there. Then take the ends together across the bottom side of the shell, go through the drilled hole, and out from the other end of the seashell, then through a bead. Repeat.
And so it starts taking shape. Make sure you don't go over with the length - it needs to sit pretty snugly around your ankle to look good.
IV. At the end, I brought both threads through one more bead, through the hoop on the lock, back through the bead..
.. And back through the drilled hole, tying several knots on the inside of the shell as a stopper.



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