Monday 17 December 2018

Basics: Simple Strappy Maxi Dress

Just a quick little post about this basic spaghetti strap maxi, which would have taken about an hour to sew, if I hadn't fought with my serger threads for 30 min.. Important note: I used a semi-stretchy fabric.

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Fabric, 1.5-2m  |  Scissors  |  Pins  |  Thread & sewing machine + also used my serger

I. Measurements for my pieces (stretch of the fabric running horizontally). I'm a EU36/US4, 175 cm tall.
II. Then used the top of the back and front piece to cut out identical pieces of lining, about 17 cm long.
III. Made my spaghetti straps like this. Pinned them onto the lining and sewed in place.

IV. Made darts both on the lining front piece and the main dress front piece. That's a weird sunlight effect on the fabric..
V. Then I did the side seams of the dress pieces, as well as the lining pieces. 
VI. And finally placed the lining right side facing the dress, making sure the straps point downwards, and sewed all around. I like to mark the spots where the straps will attach at the back with double needles like you see in the image below, so I know to leave 2 gaps in the stitch. Then I try the dress on, confirm strap length, and attach the straps at the back.
Last step hemming. When I ironed this fabric, it became a bit less stretchy, and hence the fit ended up looser (you can see the neckline has a slight cowl-ness to it now.. which I don't think I mind!)



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