Thursday 3 January 2019

Making: Star Print Dress with All the Ruffles

This was my last make of 2018, star themed because that's the vibe I'm expecting for this year:) I love combining gathered styles with print, so this dress is in essence a collection of ruffles. I still have some fabric left, so maybe this will be the dress I just keep adding more and more ruffle to...

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I. I started by making a basic dress, with shoulder and side seams done:
II. Then I started adding my ruffles. I first cut two half-circle ruffles (which were consistent width I swear, just impossible to photograph without them warping somehow..) I made these two about 9 cm wide, and since my dress hem circumference was about 110 cm, the radius when drafting these was 34 cm (as always, using this calculator). I've made circular ruffles too many times to count, here's one post with more detail.
III. After adding them to the dress (one at the hem, one above it)..
.. I realized it still wasn't enough. So I cut one more wider one (about 13 cm), and added that a bit higher up the hem.
IV. But it still wasn't enough ruffle for me. I added sleeves, and found an opportunity to add more ruffle at the cuffs. For these I used this method.
To finish off I made a simple string belt from the same fabric, to gather the dress at the waist. The neckline I did with bias tape.



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