Monday 1 July 2019

Basics: Minimal Maxi Dress with Loose Shoulder Straps

I've had shoulder straps that hang loose at the back on my mind for a while now. It's also been a long time since I made something really really basic. 

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1.5 m full width fabric (I used 100% cotton)  |  Scissors  Pins  |  Thread & Sewing machine

I. My dress pieces (back and front on top of each other below) with some measurements (I'm EU36/US4).
II. I sewed the edges of the dress together, right sides facing, and used the top of the cut dress pieces to trace my lining piece. Sewed the sides of the lining together as well, and finished its hem with my serger (or zig-zag).
III. Then made two straps, 70 cm long each. They only need to be finished at one end.
Then pinned the straps in their place on the front piece and sewed them:
IV. Pinned the lining onto the dress, right side of dress facing reverse side of lining. And sewed all around the neckline.
A few clips here and there to remove any tension, and I was ready to turn the lining to the reverse of the dress, press the neckline..
.. And then hand-sew the loose ends of the straps to their places on the back piece.
I finished the hem with a wide strip of fabric which I used to make a fold for a planned little detail because I realized I had cut the dress just a tiny bit too short for my liking.
That's all!



  1. this is amazing! i have a light cotton i really want to make something like this with. for the hem, did you fold the strip in half and then sew all the raw edges together (with the dress hem)?

    1. Thank you:)! I just added a photo of the hem, hopefully that helps. It's just a wide strip of fabric, first sewn onto the hem as if you were adding an extension piece, press seam allowance downwards, then fold your seam allowance on the new hem, and fold the extension piece in half, just covering the first seam on the reverse. Pin and top-stitch on the right side.


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