Sunday 13 October 2019

How To: Reformation- Inspired Crop Top with Triple Front Tie-Up Detail

A lady named Serena wrote to me back in April, asking if I'd make a tutorial in the style of this top from Reformation. Sorry Serena, I can't believe that much time already passed.. But I finally did make one!

I used a thick fabric which I'm pretty sure is a satin mix. I don't know because I was gifted this fabric by a wonderful friend:) Anyway, to get the same kind of fit & structure, use a relatively firm fabric (cotton or poplin would also work).

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Firm fabric, 1 m  |  Scissors  |  Sewing machine & Thread  |  Pins

I. The cut pieces look very weird I must say😄 I'm a EU36/US4 but of course with the tie-up style, sizing is pretty flexible on this one.. Unless you have a very full bust. You need two of each piece and note the two sides need to be mirror images if your fabric has a wrong and right side.
II. First I sewed the side seams. Check out Ms. Grizzly's cameo (no, she's not mine. She was staying with us for the weekend. Sigh).
III. Then I made shoulder straps..
.. Which I attached to their spots with a quick stick, only on the front piece, before pinning the pieces together right sides facing..
So I was ready to sew all around. To make sure I get the shoulder strap length right, I always only attach them at the front, and then I leave two gaps in my stitch at the back to slip them through + hand sew in place (after I've confirmed the right fit). Also remember to leave a gap to turn the top right side out (I leave mine center back at the hem).
IV. After snipping the curved edges, trimming corners, turning right side out, pressing, and hand-sewing the straps at the back + the gap in the stitch closed, I had this. I could've left it with just the two knots, but I figured since I had fabric left, I'd add one more.
So I made just two more pieces..
.. Which I attached by pinning at the sides, and the sewing right in the ditch of the side seam on the right side.
Looks very weird by itself but quite nice worn:)



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  2. I think my next tattoo will be a heart with 'Jacky' written inside.

  3. 😂😂 best reply ever!


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