Sunday 10 November 2019

Basics: Quick & Easy Dolman Sleeve Top [with Matching Skirt & Integrated Belt]

I can't say this is a new tutorial, since it's really just re-making the upper half of this dress, just a tiny bit looser fit. The story was going to be about the matching belt, but it turned out to be a project from the deepest pits of hell, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. The problem was this slinky, thin silk crepe that's feels amazing as a top or skirt, but does not want to know anything about being used to smoothly cover a buckle. Now that I've been through the worst, I'll eventually post a tutorial with a fabric that lets you have a belt buckle and also your sanity.

The skirt is a remake of this here, with a mod of an elasticated waist instead of zipper closure.

Tutorials take a lot of time & effort to create, and I choose to make mine available for free. If you enjoy this guide, you can support me with a donation that feels right for you, here.

I. Adjusted measurements - identical front and back pieces except front piece had a lower cut neckline (see the dress post for more detail). I'm a EU36/US4.
II. First sew the sides and shoulders:
III. Then hem with a double fold:
.. Same for the sleeves:
IV. The neckline I finished with some bias (more detailed tutorial on that here):
.. Bias flipped onto reverse..
.. Before sewing. Pro tip for making sure you get a perfect, straight stitch just along the edge of your bias: DO NOT look a the needle. Instead look at the edge of the opening on the presser foot (marked below in pink), and keep that bit rolling just against the edge of the bias (marked in blue). This works for sewing any edge.
And you'll have a beautiful stitch neatly along the edge!
That was the story on the top.
And here's the only evidence I have on the belt making - once it was all finished. In the end it was worth the suffering but I won't be covering anything with a fabric like this again..
Ready faux dress in the wild!



  1. Only just discovered your website after seeing something pinned! Absolutely adore all your amazing makes!!!!


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