Saturday 7 December 2019

Basics: No Zipper, Pull-On Silky Slip Midi Skirt

If the whole idea of a bias cut seems intimidating, this is the lazy easy version. No zipper, not even a separately cut waistband. The key is to use a silky, flowy fabric - any firmer material will end up looking very puffy at the top. From start to finish (and without mistakes­čĄÉ) you can make this in 30 minutes.

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Flowy fabric (silk or silk-like, I used silk crepe) 1 m of full-width or 2 m of half-width   Scissors  |  Pins  |  Thread & Sewing machine  |  3-cm Elastic (Ignore the button. I had other plans at the start)

I. Here are my cut pieces (identical front & back piece). How to get your measurements:

  • The width at the waistline: 1. Put your measurement tape around your hips as if you are measuring the circumference, then move the tape up and down to make sure it comfortably slides over your hips. 2. Divide that measurement by 2. Add about 3 cm for seam allowances.
  • Length: Take your desired length of the finished skirt, and add about 6 cm (4 for the waistline elastic casing, and 2 for finishing the hem).
  • Hem width: Take your waistline width and add 20 cm to get the slight flute I have on my finished skirt.
Make sure you cut the skirt sides straight down from the waistline at least 7 cm before starting to flare the skirt out. That top part will be folded into the casing for the elastic.

II. Start by pinning the sides and sewing them:
III. Fold the waistline down by about 0.5 cm, and then again to create a fold just a bit wider than the width of your elastic. Sew around, but leave a gap from where you can insert the elastic.
IV. Cut a piece of elastic that comfortably goes around your waist and overlaps by 1 cm or so. Use a safety pin to feed the elastic in, sew the ends together, and close the gap in the stitch.
V. Last, finish the hem with a double fold.
You can move the gathers on the waistline around to create a different look. I like to push most of the fabric to the back, so in the front there is no gathering.



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