Thursday 16 January 2020

How To: Layered Chunky Chain Necklace

Not just here for the sewing. Also here for all the golden things. It's crazy how tastes change - still a year ago I was all about super dainty jewelry (layered yes, but much more delicate). And now this. Go figure.

You need:
  • 3 different types/lengths of chain
  • Jewelry lock
  • Jump rings
  • Small pliers (ideally 2 to make it easier to open & close the rings)
I. First I cut my chains in gradual lengths - Longest and thickest 45 cm, shortest and thinnest 40 cm. 
II. Then attached jump rings at both ends of each chain.
III. Took one end of each chain, and attached them together with another jump ring (in correct order - biggest, medium, smallest):
.. I added one more jump ring just to make it easier to attach to the lock:
IV. Last, repeated step III with the other end, and attached the lock to the ring. I didn't want the necklace to sit on the neck too perfectly arranged, so I did two things: I made sure the largest chain was not twisted, but on purpose twisted the medium chain 180 degrees; and on the lock end I inserted the chains in the jump ring in a different order than the other end.
You can see how the result is a bit more random (and stays that way when worn).


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