Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Wardrobe Staples: Basic White Crop Top

 photo ready4_zpsbc8248e9.jpg

Summer without croptops is like beer with no pretzels. Makes for a nice afternoon project if you have a small piece of leftover fabric lying around.

 photo 0Tools_zpsd445b706.jpg
Fabric (light, airy kind, only need 0.5 m)  |  Scissors  |  Pins  |  Fabric marker  |  Thread & sewing machine

I. Cut the front and back pieces out. Using an existing top as guidance helps if free-drawing is too daunting. Leave about 2 cm allowance all around.
 photo 1Cutpieces_zps835f17f4.jpg II. Snip incisions throughout the edges of the shoulder straps and the neckline, and iron a 1 cm fold as shown below.
 photo 2Ironededges_zps9479b803.jpg III. Folding the edges once more as you go, slowly sew a straight stitch along the sides of the shoulder straps and the neckline. Press with iron to flatten the seams.
 photo 3sewnedges_zpsd35be4e0.jpg IV. Pin the shoulder straps together, right sides facing, with the front piece slightly higher than the back piece like so:
 photo 4pinnedstraps_zpsffb052b1.jpg V. Sew a straight stitch about 7 cm from the lower straps' edge. Iron the front piece's allowance, folding it over and under the shorter allowance of the back piece.
 photo 5sewnstraps_zpsb3083e08.jpg VI. Pin down and sew another straight stitch right next to the folded edge.
 photo 6fullysewnstrap_zpsa5cd3d2f.jpg VII. The ready seam should look like this from the right side.
 photo 7readystrap_zpsc31dff0e.jpg VIII. Do the same thing to the sides of the top, leaving you with a similar clean seam on both sides, with no raw edges. Hem the top in the same way as you did the seams of the straps and the neckline.
 photo 8sewnedge_zps9d578f76.jpgEt voilà, summer ready.
 photo Ready1_zps8adae9d6.jpg  photo ready3_zps12b5fb3c.jpg
Seldmade top, Zimmermann shorts, Phillip Lim Pashli, Komono sunnies




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