Tuesday 15 July 2014

Wardrobe Staples: Basic White Crop Top

Summer without croptops is like beer with no pretzels. Makes for a nice afternoon project if you have a small piece of leftover fabric lying around.

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Fabric (light, airy kind, only need 0.5 m)  |  Scissors  |  Pins  |  Fabric marker  |  Thread & sewing machine

I. Cut the front and back pieces out. Using an existing top as guidance helps if free-drawing is too daunting. Leave about 2 cm allowance all around.
II. Snip incisions throughout the edges of the shoulder straps and the neckline, and iron a 1 cm fold as shown below.
III. Folding the edges once more as you go, slowly sew a straight stitch along the sides of the shoulder straps and the neckline. Press with iron to flatten the seams.
IV. Pin the shoulder straps together, right sides facing, with the front piece slightly higher than the back piece like so:
V. Sew a straight stitch about 7mm from the lower straps' edge. Iron the front piece's allowance, folding it over and under the shorter allowance of the back piece.
VI. Pin down and sew another straight stitch right next to the folded edge.
VII. The ready seam should look like this from the right side.
VIII. Do the same thing to the sides of the top, leaving you with a similar clean seam on both sides, with no raw edges. Hem the top in the same way as you did the seams of the straps and the neckline.
Et voilà, summer ready.



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