Sunday 1 June 2014

Wardrobe Staples: Multi-Strap LBD

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Along the classic white shirt, the LBD is up there when it comes to wardrobe staples that work for all occasions. Lately I've had a thing for multi-strap everything (like this guy),  so here's what I did to combine my two loves.

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About 1.5 m of fabric heavy enough to drape nicely (I used microfibre)  |  Ribbon in a matching color for the straps, about 2 m is good for 4 straps  |  Measurement tape  |  Scissors  |  Pins  |  Sewing machine & thread (if using microfibre, a special needle for that purpose)

I. Fold the fabric in half, right sides facing, pin together, and trace the form of the dress. I did a basic A-line with a very slight V in the front neckline.
 photo 1Trace_zps55414517.jpg
II. Cut the dress out (pinning together lets you cut both the front and back piece together). Using the piece as guidance, trace an approx. 20-30 cm long piece of lining that will be used to sew the neckline.
 photo 2Cut_zps449300ba.jpg
III. Separate the front and back pieces and trace the shape of the back. Something like this. Cut a lining piece for the back as well.
 photo 3Traceback_zpsc94ef616.jpg
IV. There should now be 4 pieces cut out. (In my finished dress there's an extra seam in the back, I wanted to add it to the back piece to add texture, not necessarily required).
 photo 4Cutpieces_zps0d28e4e8.jpg
V. Pin the linings to the front and back pieces, front sides facing. 
 photo 5Pinedges_zps1e8f6fb3.jpg
VI. Sew the linings to the front and back pieces using a straight or stretch stitch depending on how stretchy the fabric is. NOTE - leave a gap where the straps will go; at both ends of the neckline, and in the middle of the back piece. 
 photo 6Sewliningwithgap_zps77fe66b8.jpg
VII. Pin the front and back pieces together front sides facing, sew along the lines (and sig-sag edges if the fabric frays). 
 photo 7pinsides_zps159b1990.jpg
VIII. Measure the length of the shoulder straps from the middle of your back at the level you want the dress to sit, diagonally over your shoulder to the front where the strap will be attached to the front of the dress. Cut 4 of these straps from the ribbon. Take two of them and slip them between the back piece and the lining, through the gap you left when sewing, right in the middle of the back piece.
 photo 8backmidstraps_zps0700b196.jpg
IX. Add the two other straps symmetrically at about 10 cm from the middle straps, on each side. Secure the straps in place with pins at the inside, making sure the lining and the back piece have no wrinkles or folds in them. Sew a straight stitch over the straps, connecting the gap in the stitch. Press with iron.
 photo 9allbackstraps_zpsd301a45e.jpg
X. Put the dress on and pin the straps at the front. Experiment until you find the right length that lets the dress flow nicely both in the front and the back. Mark the points with pins, take off the dress, and double check with the measurement tape that your marks are at equal lengths. Again, slip the straps between the lining and the front piece, and sew a straight stitch over the straps, closing the gaps you had left.
 photo 10strapspinned_zps12ead204.jpg  photo 11pinstrapsinfront_zps3af9b190.jpg
XI. Cut off all excess seam allowances, press the whole thing with an iron, and done.
 photo 12Readyback_zps598cb9e6.jpg  photo 14walk_zps8878a35c.jpg  photo back_zps0a361ea5.jpg




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