Sunday 8 February 2015

How To: Easy Loose Turtleneck Top

 photo ready1.jpg
Vol. II of neck-warming tops that don't tick off my mild Pnigerophobia.

Fabric, 1m (I used a soft fleece-like mix)  |  Pins  |  Fabric marker  |  Scissors  |  Iron-on hemming tape  |  Sewing machine & thread

I. Trace the front and back pieces and one square-shaped piece for the neck. Make sure the neckline of the back and front pieces combined equals the length of the neck piece. Cut out with a 1 cm allowance.
II. Pin the back and front pieces together at shoulders, right sides facing, and sew the shoulder seams. Use hemming tape to finish the arm holes. Pin side seams together, right sides facing, and sew from armpit to hem.
III. Sew the neck piece into a loop and fold it in half like this:

IV. To confirm the height of the collar, wear the top and pull the collar over your head, cut off any excess if the result is looking too high. Pin the collar to the top and sew all around.
Depending on fabric, finish hem or leave raw. I love the minimal seamless look you get when no seams are stitched.
 photo ready4.jpg  photo ready3.jpg



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