Monday 16 March 2015

How To: Tibi FW2015-Inspired Center Seam Top

photo ready1.jpg
I'm a much bigger fan of spring than fall collections, the overload of dark green and burgundy hues makes me think of heavy corduroy drapes and  paisley wallpaper. But every now and then there's a F/W collection that's all about pastels and naturals.. And I swear my vital functions stopped for a moment when the center front seam high neck top came down the Tibi F/W 2015 runway. It had to be made.

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photo 0 Tools.jpg
Wool blend/similar fabric with texture, 1m  |  Pins  |  Scissors  |  Fabric marker  |  Sewing machine & thread

I. Fold the fabric at the width that corresponds more or less your bust circumference divided by two + 8 cm. Trace the top, with a funnel-shaped collar as shown below. Cut out the two identical pieces, and trace two more pieces for the sleeves and cut out.
photo 1 Trace.jpg photo 2 Cut pieces.jpg
II. Cut both of the front pieces in half down the middle, place right sides facing, and pin down the side. Sew a straight stitch through and press the seam flat.
photo 3 Pin center seams.jpg photo 4 Press seams.jpg
III. Pin the front and back pieces you just made whole again together at the shoulder seams, right sides facing. Sew a stretch stitch from the top of the collar to the tip of the shoulder.
photo 5 Pin shoulders.jpg
IV. Pin and sew the sleeves to the arm holes, right sides facing the right side of the now united front and back pieces.
photo 6 Pin sleeves.jpg
V. Finally Pin the under seams of the sleeves together, and down along the sides of the top. Sew a straight stitch all the way.
photo 7 Pin sides.jpg
VI. Last step is to fold hem and the sleeves, hand-sewing to finish. Do the same to the collar - with the funnel shape it should fold nicely inside where you can secure it at the desired height by hand-sewing.
photo ready4.jpg photo ready2.jpg
Selfmade top, selfmade skirt



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