Monday 31 October 2016

How To: Tassel & Mini Pom Pom Detail LWD

photo DIYTrimDetailDress4_zpsmoocb9qr.jpg
Pinterest made me do it. Do you guys know how hard nice tassel trimming is to find?? Dubai is great for certain types of fabric and the basics like zippers & buttons, but finding something unique (and of really high quality) is a mission. I was just about to make my own tassel trim from scratch when I finally found some on a trip to Dublin (=risk of project failure significantly reduced).

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photo 0 Tools_zpsoyalsjga.jpg
Fabric + lining (I used 100% cotton and a polycotton for the lining) X m  |  Scissors  |  Fabric marker  |  Pins  |  Thread & Sewing machine  |  Tassel trim  |  Mini pom pom trim or other type of trim for neckline and sleeves

I. First I cut my pieces. Two back + two front pieces, 1 from lining and 1 from main fabric, and the sleeves I made without lining just from the main fabric. Measurements were pretty much the same as with this dress.
photo 1 Pieces_zpssklerkfk.jpg
II. Then took the front pieces of lining and main fabric and cut a V neck.
photo 2 Neckline_zpsryx2wsrm.jpg
III. Shoulder seams next - pinned the lining back and front pieces and those of the main fabric together at shoulders, right sides facing..
photo 3 Pinned shoulders.jpg
.. Sewed together, finished with zig-zag, pressed towards the back piece.
photo 4 Shoulder seams done_zpsh2tce6jr.jpg
IV. Then took my mini pom pom ribbon and pinned it around the V neck, on the right side, just over 1 cm from the edge..
photo 5 Trim pinned_zpswfdutbqw.jpg
.. And sewed it in place, clipping the bottom of the V up until the stitch.
photo 6 Clipped_zpsluhizhvj.jpg
V. Then pinned the lining onto the main fabric along the neckine, right side of lining facing the right side of the main fabric (so the ribbon was left in between).
photo 7 Lining pinned_zpsqflbfb5w.jpg
Then sewed around, cut off excess to about a 0.5 cm seam allowance, finished with zig-zag, and again notched the bottom of the V to get rid of tension.
photo 8 Neckline seam_zpsoenqjrw8.jpg
VI. Next pulled the lining through to the other side, and understitched the lining onto the seam allowance around the neckline..
photo 9 Understitch_zpsqpcnt5ho.jpg
.. Finally pressing with the lining in its place. Neckline done!
photo 10 Neckline done_zpshqtuxknk.jpg
VII. Next I matched the arm holes of the lining and the main fabric and pinned together, zig-zagging along the arm hole to attach..
photo 11 Pinned arm hole lining_zpsi44hhic0.jpg
.. And then pinned the sleeve in its place, right side facing right side of the dress, and sewed sleeves in place.
photo 12 Pin sleeve_zpsa8i5jw6b.jpg
After pressing the seam allowance towards the body of the dress, I top-stitched the sleeve seam on the right side.
photo 13 Sleeve done_zpshyfa3hgq.jpg
VIII. Last bit to pull the dress together - I first pinned the underseam of the sleeve and the sides of the main fabric together and sewed those seams, then repeated with the side seams of the lining.
photo 14 Side seams_zpsfdcjldyu.jpg
IX. Then it was just a matter of hemming the dress (I did a double fold) and the sleeves, and adding the tassel trim to the hem:
photo 15 Hem with tassel_zpslh0qurmr.jpg
When done it looked like this (I aaaalmost got it to go straight..)
photo 16 Hem done_zpsb6bnshng.jpg
.. And adding the same pom pom trim I used for the neckline, to the sleeves (after doing a double fold there as well).
photo 17 Sleeve done_zpsypojx31w.jpg
That's it!
photo DIYTrimDetailDress2_zpshhikwwvd.jpg photo DIYTrimDetailDress5_zpsdqjfsoz4.jpg photo DIYTrimDetailDress_zpswp073cv1.jpg photo DIYTrimDetailDress3_zpsbsyd2v85.jpg



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