Wednesday 1 November 2017

Techniques: Making Fabric-covered Buttons to Match Your Garment

Cover buttons are amazing for giving your projects a really polished finish (and for situations where you want button closure but can't seem to find a button style that works). There's a variety of cover-up buttons on the market, they all work more or less the same way. All you need in addition to the fabric and the buttons is a needle and thread.

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The buttons I used here were plastic and look like this:
The instructions are on the reverse:

I. If using plastic buttons, first you just need to separate the two pieces of the button from each other. Then cut circles about 3-4mm larger than the size of the button. In my case, the instructions on the reverse of the cardboard holding the buttons had a little pattern for the size. 

Before I started covering my buttons, I coloured them black with a permanent marker, just because my fabric was not super thick and I didn't want to the white plastic to shine through. 
II. Then just take your needle & thread, and take the thread around the edges of the circle. Pull the thread ends a bit to create kind of a mini-bowl out of the circle, and place the buttton in the middle. Then pull on the ends of the thread to tighten the fabric so it wraps the button inside.
III. Tie up the thread and you'll have what's on the left. Then just plop the cover piece on, trapping the gathered fabric underneath and tightening the fabric nicely over the button. That's all there is to it.



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