Thursday 16 November 2017

How To: Easy, Loungy Loose One-Size Jumpsuit (no zip, no buttons)

I love lazy sewing. I made this on a slow Saturday after a night out, buttons or zippers weren't an option. Super comfy, super easy, and fits EU sizes 36 up to I'd say 40!

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Flowy fabric, I used a thick crepe, 3 m  |  Scissors  |  Pins  |  Thread, sewing machine

I. I couldn't fit the cut pieces in one photo so here's a sketch of the measurments (two pieces of each). The main difference is that for the back piece on the left, the curve of the crotch area (where the width is 43 cm) is  a bit longer to accomodate for the bum. Cut two of each of these pieces.
II. If you cut two pieces with the fabric folded right sides facing, then just keep them as is, and pin the curved mid-seam, and sew. Repeat for the other two pieces..
.. And you'll have two pieces that look like this:
III. Place them right sides facing, and pin the leg inseam, sew.
IV. Pin the shoulders and sew.
V. Aand pin the sides and sew. Sooo easy.
VI. Last you just need to decide what to do with the neckline. I added sleeves and a small lining along the neckline, but you could also just finish the neckline and arm holes with some bias tape or with a simple folded edge if you wanted to keep it sleeveless. Lastly hem the pant legs.
It will look big if you're my size (EU 36/US 4) but the idea is to wear with a belt (or in my case, a bag as a belt).



  1. This is amazing - I wish I could sew, I would totally make this!

  2. this is absolutely darling. bookmarking to make for my trip to france this may!
    love your site - one DIY-er to another!

  3. Do you have the measurements for size US 14? Thank you

    1. This sizing would fit up to EU40/US10 given the loose style, so to size up to US14, You would want to add at least 5cm/2 inch all around. I would recommend using an existing other pattern you have in your size as the guide and doing a toile.


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