Sunday 17 December 2017

Techniques: Quick & Easy Thin Spaghetti Shoulder Straps

This is my favourite method for making thin thin shoulder straps (which are my favourite kind). All you need is your main fabric, a sewing machine, a regular needle, and an extra-large needle. Tutorial for the full dress here.

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I. Start with a long slither of your fabric (the length you need the strap to be plus some extra just to be sure, and at least 7 cm wide). Fold it in half width-wise and sew an L shape (the other end of the stitch being open).
II. Trim the extra fabric, making sure you trim well around the corner. Don't cut the ends of your thread - slip them through your regular needle.
III. Put the needle through a few cm inside the strap, and bring it out. Now you can use the thread to pull the end so it starts going inside itself.
IV. Then take your extra-large needle and use the end with the eye to keep pushing the strap end inside itself. You'll likely need to wiggle it around a bit and push the sides around the needle, to get it going.
V. Keep pushing the needle forward, gathering the fabric as you go and feeding it on past the needle..
VI. .. Until you reach the end and the strap with the needle inside comes out. Grab it and pull the whole strap right side out. Then just shake the strap so the needle comes back the way it came, and out.
VII. That's it! Just press your ready strap and you're done.



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