Wednesday 24 January 2018

How To: Super Simple, 1-hour Wrap Mini Skirt

I love the simple things. Walid's given me feedback recently that I'm making too many long skirts, and he wants to see some leg. So I took one of my midi dresses I was gonna get rid of, and re-used the fabric for this lightning fast, minimal skirt. He's happy now.

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1 m of fabric (I used 100% cotton)   Scissors  |  Pins  |  Thread & Sewing machine (serger if you have)

I. Here are the pieces you need. Super simple, just one bigger back piece and two of the more narrow ones. With the sizing below the skirt will be ok for EU36/US4 to EU238/US6. Obviously adjust the length based on your preference.
II. Take the 3 pieces, and with the large back piece in the center, pin together, and sew. Finish the seam allowances with your serger or zig-zag, and the side seams and hem with a double fold. Only raw edge then should be the waistline.

III. Then make two straps - one about 60 cm long, one around 90 cm. The idea is the same as when sewing shoulder straps.
IV. Place the straps at the ends of the waistline, and do a double fold to sandwich the end of the strap in between.
VI. When folding the waistline - making sure you are at the side seam closer to the edge where you attach the shorter strap - see where the fold ends and starting there, open the seam, just enough for the strap to go through. I hand-sewed the sides of the hole so the seam allowance stays flat. Obviously, you could measure and do this step already when sewing the side seams not to have to re-open the seam, but I like to be sure about placement..
Lastly just sew the waist seam fold, at the same time securing the straps in their place, and voilà! Ready in less than an hour (provided no mistakes...:)



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  2. OH WOW just what I needed now some for my daughter, and the perfect template to "mash up, some of my sewing patterns Thank you so much, you are a star!!

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  4. Good morning Julia. I am trying to understand your pattern. Do you cut the large back piece on the fold? I hope you can help as I really would like to make this skirt. Best regards.

    1. Hi Aura, the back piece is a simple trapezoid shape - if your fabric has give I recommend cutting it so the stretch runs horizontally against the piece. If you want to cut it on the fold, then use half of the pattern I've drafted.


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