Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Rixo London -Inspired Ankle-Lenght Maxi Skirt with Slit & Elasticated Back

Rixo London has got it going on. Last week I did some emergency sewing in the form of a less pleated version of their Georgia skirt, for a mini getaway we went on for the weekend. Disclaimer: I can't really call this a tutorial, more like a making of mini documentary. Next I need a suitable print to make my version of the phycheledic star edition. Tips welcome.

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Lightweight fabric (I used 100% cotton) 1.5 m x 1.5 m if you cut economically  Scissors  |  Thread & sewing machine (I also used my serger to finish seams)  |  Elastic  Pins

I. I had a slight back issue when making this, and could not climb high enough to get a photo that fit all the pieces so.... Here's a magnificent drawing. To get the key measurements: 
  • I measured my hip circumference and added 10 cm or so, since the waistline needed to allow for getting into the skirt without a zipper, just an elasticated back half of the waistband. The total waistband length I got was around 100cm, so I traced the back piece at 40cm of waistline + front middle piece 22 cm + 2 times front side pieces, 19 cm+19 cm = total 100cm.
  • I cut the pieces just slightly at an A line as you can see from the measurements
  • The length will be up to you, mine was 96cm for an ankle length maxi. I actually cut my pieces too short for my liking first, and added a little extension piece to get to my 96 cm.

II. I pinned the pieces together along the sides, right sides facing, in the following order: back, front side 1, front middle, front side 2, finally attaching that to the remaining free edge of the back piece. Sewed and finished all those seams with the exception of the seam connecting the front piece, and the left front side piece, where I made my slit. I only pinned those two parts about 35 cm down from the waistline, putting the marker as a coloured pin, to remember to stop sewing there.
III. Here's the finished slit on reverse side - finished the edges with my serger (zig-zag would do if you don't have one, alternatively you could do a double fold for a cleaner finish). I sewed the folded edges around the slit in place by adding a straight stitch on both sides, all the way from the hem to the waistline.
IV. The last step was to add a waistband,  like this except I inserted my elastic only inside the back piece, making sure it was gathered enough for the right tightness around the waist. And of course hemmed the skirt.



  1. Is there two slit on the sides? or just one? I couldn't figure it out :D

    1. In my version I did just one slit on one side, but you could of course double them up and leave both front seams slit:)

  2. this is so helpful thank you! i'll be trying it out tonight :) would you mind telling me how tall you are so i can estimate if i can just use the measurements on the pattern or if i have to calculate my own measurements

    1. You can see my measurements in the 'About & Sizing' section accessed from the top menu bar!

  3. also, does the pattern include the seam allowance? or when cutting it out should i add that in?

    1. All my cut pieces always include seam allowances of about 1 cm.


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