Thursday 17 May 2018

SS2016 -Inspired Low Cut, Side Slit Beach Dress

You're probably thinking 2016 is a typo right? Sometimes it takes a while for inspiration to simmer! I've wanted a dress like this since SS2016, which has been in my opinion the best set of spring collections from the past few years. I was trying to remember what the initial inspiration was, and had a feeling it was something by The Row. But then I went through my files and realized I somehow combined things I liked about this Bally dress, another one by Juan Carlos Obando, and this Issa neckline. And I love it so much.

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Fabric (I used 100% linen) 1.5 m x 1.5 m   Scissors  Thread & Sewing machine  Pins  |  Not in image but matching double-folded bias tape

I. Measurements for my 2 identical cut pieces below - I'm a EU36/US4 but with the loose fit, this could go up to EU38 or even EU40, depending on how form-fitting you want.
II. Then I cut two 5cm wide slithers of fabric, long enough to cover the neckline on both sides, and cross each other at the bottom..
.. And then traced along the sides like so:
.. And then aligned those two lines I traced, right sides facing, and sewed the slithers together (look closely, the thread matches very well).
After pressing that seam flat, I had a lining piece that fit perfectly along the neckline.
Next I pinned that piece to the neckline, right sides facing, and sewed along the edge, doing a very sharp turn at the bottom of the V.
Before flipping the lining piece to the reverse side, notch the bottom of the V. Then, using your iron, create a fold all around the lining piece and pin down.
Finally, sew right on the edge of the neckline lining, to secure it in place. Press to finish. Repeat for the other piece so you have both necklines done.
III. Next I finished the shoulder seams by placing the front and back pieces together, pinning the shoulders, and after sewing them together, I used my bias tape to cover up the raw edges. First pinned the bias tape bit in place..
.. Folded it over the raw edge, and pressed the whole thing flat, hand-sewing it in place.
IV. The last parts I did not document since I've done something similar several times before;
+ Hemming, and that's that.



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  1. Definitely the perfect summer nights beach dress! You did an amazing job! Looks so fab on you!



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