Sunday 29 July 2018

How To: Quick & Easy Wrap Tie Up Crop Top

We have a little house project underway, and I've had less time to sew lately.. But squeezed in this mega easy set between tile hunting & buying faucets:) There are few tops I can think of that would be easier to sew than this one - no zippers, no darts, no buttons, nada. And obviously no pattern.

This is one size fits nearly all top; if you use my measurements the finished top should fit a EU34-40 (US1-8). The only thing you might want to adjust is the length if  you are very busty. The skirt is just a simple half-circle maxi.

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Fabric with some stretch (I used a cotton) 1.5 m  |  Scissors  |  Pins  | Thread & Sewing machine

I. First I cut two long rectangles (140 cm x 48 cm) and sewed them together along the short edge, to create one looong piece - 280 cm x 48 cm. Then I folded it in half width-wise and cut out this shape.

II. Next step was to sew all around the non-folded edges with the exception of these spots, where you need to leave gaps for the shoulder straps, and for turning the sewed top right side out:
III. Then I made the shoulder straps:
IV. Then I slipped the shoulder straps though the gaps I had left at the highest points of the top, with the rest of the strap inside, and sewed over to complete the gap in the stitch.
Then I turned the whole thing right side out, pressed, and wrapped it around myself to determine the right length of the shoulder straps. For me it was about 39 cm. I slipped the loose ends of the shoulder straps in their gaps, and hand-sewed them in place + the larger gap in the back center shut.
And that was it!
This can be worn in many ways of course, but I prefer wrapped once around so you get long ends of the knot at the back.



  1. Soooo cute! I love how easy this tutorial is!

  2. I looove your blog! I'll definitely try this.


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