Friday 16 August 2019

How To: Super Quick, Breezy Beach Wrap Skirt with Open Sides

Zanzibar capsule collection, tutorial 1 out of 3: Incredibly easy, incredibly comfortable and breezy beach skirt. I think I made this in about 30 minutes. Stay tuned for a how to on a similar top as this soon..

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1.3 m fabric (I used a light viscose)  |  Scissors  |  Thread & Sewing machine  |  Pins (ignore the elastic, I was going in a different direction first..)

I. Cut skirt pieces (2 identical). Given the style which just wraps around, this would work on EU34/US2-EU38/US8. Length of course depends on whether you want a midi or maxi.
II. First just finished the edge and the hem of both skirt pieces with a double fold.
III. I was working with very little fabric and wanted to make a matching top, so had to be skimpy with the belt. I made it 200 cm long but had I had more fabric, I would've made it at least 300cm, to have long belt ends after I tied it - 2 meters just got me enough to be able to tie it up.

Width of the piece I cut was 9 cm or so, which I pressed in half + again the seam allowance on both halves. I marked 50 cm from the end with a pin (would be more if your belt was longer).
IV. Then placed my skirt pieces in between the belt fold, and pinned. I overlapped the pieces by 8 cm. Then started sewing from one belt end, finishing the belt and attaching the skirt to it in one go.
That's it! Fastest project ever!



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