Tuesday 10 September 2019

Making: Basic V-Neck Top with Elasticated Puff Sleeves

I've been going through some kind of sewing rut.. No inspiration whatsoever. So to get back into it I decided a remake was a safe option. This is more or less vol II of a past top, with an elasticated puff sleeve mod - So not repeating the full tutorial.

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Fabric, 1m  Pins  |  Elastic (0.7cm width)  |  Thread & Sewing machine  |  Safety pin

I. My cut pieces (measurements in that other post).
II. Then my cut sleeves. I made the pieces a bit wider (you can see the flat bit at the top of the curve) to gather the sleeves a bit at the top of the shoulder. Just added a basting stitch there, gathered a 8 cm or so area, and then attached the sleeves to the top normally.
III. To create the puff, I hemmed the sleeves wide, and added two stitches - gap in between just a couple mm more than the width of the elastic. Remember to leave a gap in the upper stitch in the photo, to be able to insert the elastic.
.. Then just feed in the elastic with the help of a safety pin, sew its ends together, and close the gap in the stitch.
It will look like this:
And ready.



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