Monday 25 June 2018

Techniques: My Favourite Waistband + Belt Hoop Method

I only realized after the fact that in the above photo, you can actually barely see the waistband and the belt hoops, but I swear they're there. This is my semi-lazy way for attaching belt hoops to any project.

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I. First I cut out my waistband (length = waist circumference + 5 cm or so, width depends on how wide you want the finished product, that x 3 or 4). I press the waistband in half, and then again the halves in half as shown below. If your fabric is flimsy, it's a good idea to add interfacing at this point.

I also make a long piece of strap (as if I was making spaghetti straps for a top - I use this method), and cut it into small pieces for the belt hoops (the length depends on the width of the waist band, that + 3 cm.

II. Then take your garment where the waistline is otherwise finished, just missing the waistband..
.. And first pin your belt hoop pieces at their designated spots around the waistline (about 1.5 cm down from the raw edge of the waistline). Then pin your waist band on top, right side facing right side of garment, like in the image below. 

Make sure 1) the upper ends of the hoops are above the fold (where I have put the pins) and 2) pin the waistband in place so that it comes at least 1 cm over at the ends. Then just sew all around, along the crease.
III. Once done, fold the ends of the waistband over themselves, and sew along the same line as the edge of the garment. Trim excess (especially around the corner)..
.. And turn right side out, pushing the corners out gently. Press.
IV. Then sew the loose end of the belt strap onto the top part of the waist band like this (I use a wide zig-zag so the stitch finishes the raw edge as well). Finish by folding the waistband in half, hand-sewing it in place on the reverse.
V. Then just add your button or hook closure:
VI. And finally, you can also either hand or machine sew the bottoms of the belt hoops to the garment so they stay nice and flat.
That's it for this one!



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