Monday 11 June 2018

Trends: Basic Undone Neckline Tee

The same thing happens every year in Dubai starting May. The temperature climbs, and on the first really hot days you think 'it's not as bad as I remembered!'. Then, the day comes where your glasses fog up and your clothes become damp in the first microsecond after stepping outside and you realize.. that really hot day from before, was not a hot day at all.

In short I'm fighting my annual Dubai summer meltdown/anxiety attack over the fact that there is pretty much no going outside for the next 3 months. This fabric is one of the random decisions I've taken in this weird state I'm in.

For an impeccable walkthrough of sewing a t-shirt collar, check out this video. It explains how to do the math and common pitfalls to avoid.

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I. First I finished my T-shirt so the neckline was the only thing left. I then measured around not along the edge, but about 0.5 cm down from it (where the actual stitch would be). Then I multiplied that number by 0.85.
II. Then I cut my neckline strip of fabric on the bias (really important so it does not pucker or stand up). Length 0.85 x neckline circumference, width 6 cm.

.. Then I sewed the ends together and folded the circular piece in half width-wise, pressing. Then marked quarters of the neckline and the neckline band with pins:
III. .. And used those pins to first align the band to the neckline. I left the part I wanted undone, un-pinned.
IV. After finishing the seam with my serger, I had this. I was thinking of leaving it raw...
.. But then decided to use invisible thread to fold the raw edges and blind-stitch.


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  1. Cute Tee (love the color!) and thanks for the neckline tips!

    So interesting when you write about your Dubai experience, a place I know nothing about. I do know I can barely handle some of the really hot days here in Southern California. It helps to go look at the ocean, though...

    :-) Chris


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